Software Standards

There are two major aspects of the term ``standards" in software development. One of them is that of using widely accepted standards under the assumption that they embody the common body of knowledge and accepted state of industry best practice. Such standards include universally recognized control frameworks for software process control and improvement. Some examples include ISO 9000, ISO 12207, TickIt, and CMM. They provide a basis for defining systematic activities, roles, and tasks that can be carried out in software development, independent of individual projects, companies, or designers. Furthermore, they make possible to understand and manage all of the diverse forms of software activity from the standpoint of a single framework. Software project managers should understand and apply these standards and frameworks as points of reference in software development, in order to ensure that quality is
being designed and built into the products.
The ISO 9000 series of standards provide a generic model for the Quality Management System (QMS) of a supplier organization that is involved in design and development activities. It specifies the requirements against which the organization’s QMS can be formally assessed. ISO 9000’s issue of particular interest for software industry is ISO 9000-3 Guideline for the Application of ISO 9001 to the Development, Supply and Maintenance of Software.
The ISO 12207 standard covers the entire lifecycle of software, from inception through extinction. It details processes for acquiring and supplying software products and services
TickIt is the standard related to ISO 9000-3. Its purpose is to fill in the gaps and clarify the relationship between ISO 9000-3 and ordinary software development operations. It does this by adding additional documentation and audit requirements to the ISO 9000-3 Guidelines, and by providing direction needed to implement ISO 9000-3 compliant quality system.
Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM), described in the Organizational aspects section does not have a formal status; hence it is called a model, or a framework, rather than a standard. It is used as a reference to establish the maturity level of an organization's software processes. The other aspect of the term ``standards" in software development is that of deploying organizational standards across the life of a project. In large
organizations, having many software development teams, some standardization of methods across teams is important. For example, an organization may prescribe standard (consistent) processes, roles, schedules, and reusability policies across teams and projects. It can lead to many benefits, including better planning, more predictable outcomes, increased staffing flexibility (decreased sensitivity to employee turnover), and reuse of experience..........................


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